The two recall races in Colorado have not received a lot of attention in the national media, but they sure will tomorrow.

One of the Democratic State Senators, Senate President John Morse, whose district included part of Colorado Springs, has conceded the race:

The Denver Post reports:

Colorado Senate President John Morse thanked and urged fellow lawmakers to continue fighting Tuesday as voters ousted him from office for his support for stricter Colorado gun laws.

“It has been an honor to represent the 11th Senate District,” said Morse, who is the first Colorado lawmaker to be recalled and thrown out of office. “It’s been hugely rewarding.”

With about 86 percent of returns counted in the historic recall election of Democratic Senate President John Morse show 52 percent have voted “yes” and 48 percent “no.”

Morse called the legislative session where he and Democratic colleagues passed stricter new gun laws a successful one.

The second State Senator is trailing as of this writing, although the results are not final yet (update — now final – recall succeeded):

Someone we all know and love, and who is from Colorado Springs, is happy:

The Democrats lost because of a grassroots effort. Here’s a note over at Daily Kos this morning:

Democrats have run 2,346 of the 2,490 ads aired in the campaign. The Republicans running in the recalls haven’t run a single ad. Now if either Democrat loses this recall, it’ll be further proof for my theory that TV advertising is increasingly irrelevant. But this is a special case—Republican wingnuts don’t need to be told by the TV box that there’s a recall. They’re activated and motivated. It’s lower-performing Democratic voters that need to be educated and mobilized. Thus it follows that every single Republican ad in the race has been negative, but only two of the nine Democratic ads follow suit.

These were Democratic-leaning districts, by the way, as a Democratic consultant noted:

Furious over the Democratic legislature’s passage of universal background checks and ammunition-magazine limits, Colorado Republicans initially sought to recall four Colorado legislators. Only two recalls ultimately qualified for the ballot: against Senator Giron in SD-03 and against Senate President Morse in SD-11. Both districts are Democratic-leaning, but they contain enough Republicans to keep things interesting on Tuesday….

Interesting, indeed.


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