Just when I thought the anti-religious, anti-First Amendment left couldn’t get any more base, any more insulting, I read this:

The Freedom from Religion Foundation wants the proposed Statehouse Holocaust memorial changed by removing what it sees as the Jewish religious symbolism of the Star of David.

In a June 14 letter to Richard H. Finan, chairman of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, two foundation officials said they have no objections to a Holocaust memorial at the Statehouse. However, architect Daniel Libeskind’s design includes a cut-out version of a 6-pointed star, usually interepreted as the Star of David, a symbol associated with Judiasm. Arguably, that would be a violation of the separation of church and state set out in the U.S. Constitution, the foundation said.

We’ve all seen this regressive leftist fringe group in action before; after all, these Freedom from Religion bullies are the same group involved in the Mojave cross lawsuit and controversy as well as in numerous other lawsuits against public schools, courthouses, and other public buildings and properties.

This whole concept of “freedom from religion” is regressive to its core, and as such, is not only unAmerican but also tyrannical.  We’ve watched this group (and the ACLU) sue to have the ten commandments removed from public buildings, to have prayer removed from school meetings (even those held after school hours and with no “impressionable” students present), and to demand that high school football teams and cheerleaders not pray or make any reference to God.  All of this is an outrageous affront to all that I stand for, that I believe our country stands for, but to demand that a Star of David not be permitted on a Holocaust memorial simply goes too far.

To deny the Star of David’s presence is to whitewash and rewrite history, and that is not acceptable.




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