According to Roger L. Simon, Benghazi is the most damaging scandal plaguing the Obama administration.

The White House and the State Department were on the brink of serious humiliation before an election. They had screwed up royally. What were they going to say? They had to figure it out and at some point they decided to lie, downplaying the heavily armed terrorist attack and Ansar al Sharia and placing the blame on a video trailer almost no one saw.

To blogress, Bookworm, it’s the IRS scandal.

The IRS scandal, by contrast, is a direct attack on the American people. Right now, Progressives throughout America are pretending that this scandal doesn’t matter: “Obama wasn’t involved.” “Tea Partiers had it coming because they’re all corrupt.” “Obama would have won the election anyway.” “It was just a coincidence that the only groups that had their applications scrutinized, sometimes for years, were politically conservative. It means nothing that, when one group changed its name to sound Progressive, its application was approved in only three weeks.” “This is just a bureaucratic snafu.” “It’s a few rogue agents in Ohio.”

But when discussing politics with my 19 year old, he had a different take. He thinks that the AP scandal is the worst.

Benghazi, he argues, is in the past. People won’t get exercised by something that happened eight months ago. (I disagree slightly. The mistakes that led to Behghazi came from the administration’s flawed view of the Middle East and those remain in place. Those who don’t learn from history …)

The IRS scandal has been contained for now. There will be fall guys (and gals) but corrections will be made. Though it’s an abuse of power it is from an agency that has a negative relationship to most Americans. People aren’t overly outraged.

However the AP scandal has expanded. Now it includes James Rosen too. And maybe Sharyl Attkisson. If three news organizations have been targeted, it suggests a government that resents criticism and is fighting the criticism by expanding its power. A government hungry for power is never satisfied.

This is a continuing threat to our freedoms – regardless of the party in power.

It is also a threat to a free press, which may be why the New York Times has come to Rosen’s defense.

A threat to one’s own power and influence can focus the mind.

This supports another part of my son’s argument. Republicans have a better chance politically by criticizing the Justice Department over its intimidation of journalists, because it is a cause that might actually gain traction in the mainstream media.

When my son argued that the AP scandal is the worst of this administration, he’s not just making the case on account of its severity, but also on the Republicans’ ability to benefit politically from the administration’s overreach.


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