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Hating Breitbart producers provide opportunity to “adopt a liberal member of the establishment”

Hating Breitbart producers provide opportunity to “adopt a liberal member of the establishment”

The producers of the Andrew Breitbart documentary “Hating Breitbart,” have found a unique way to further ensconce the Happy Warrior into the minds of his detractors: send them a copy of their movie. The upcoming wider theater release this upcoming Friday (it will also be released via video on-demand the same day), May 21 dvd release, means that through their website you can underwrite the cost of a dvd being sent to either a liberal politician, liberal professor, liberal journalist, liberal entertainer, liberal supreme court justice, or liberal college student.

Your opportunity to donate to the “intellectually malnourished,” in the words of the Hating Breitbart website:

In spite of his strong beliefs, Andrew enjoyed the times he was able to engage his opponents in the mainstream establishment. At Hating Breitbart, we believe liberalism is an illness that is best treated with a healthy diet of being exposed to different points of view. We’re offering fans of our movie the chance to “sponsor” an intellectually malnourished member of the mainstream establishment by ordering a copy of the film to be sent to them to help overcome years of indoctrination by the liberal elite. This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of those leaders in academia, entertainment, the media, politics and the law by “sponsoring” them. Simply click below to “sponsor” a member of the liberal elite and we’ll deliver a DVD to them on your behalf.

The movie is excellent; it both offers behind-the-scenes insight into many of the news stories Andrew helped foster (ACORN, Weiner, Sherrod, etc.) but also into just how charismatic and warrior-like he was. My review from the advance screening this past October is here.

Andrew excelled at getting into the left’s heads and camping out. Don’t miss the opportunity to extend his lease.


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The only problem that I could associate with, “camping out in the left’s head(s),” would be one of loneliness. After all, I don’t think you’d find much of anything there…