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Cincinnati IRS Workers to be Questioned by House Investigators

Cincinnati IRS Workers to be Questioned by House Investigators

Investigators from both the House Ways and Means and House Oversight committees will be interviewing two front-line IRS workers from the Cincinnati office in Washington DC this week, and another two next week, according to congressional sources who spoke to CNN today.

House investigators are interviewing two front-line Internal Revenue Service employees from the Cincinnati tax exempt office this week in Washington, and plan to interview two others next week, two congressional sources familiar with the investigation tell CNN.

House investigators are hoping these IRS employees will shed light on exactly why tea party and other conservative groups were inappropriately targeted for excess scrutiny when applying for tax exempt status.

This is an important development as Congressional committee members continue to try to determine whether or not any of the direction of front-line employees was politically motivated or connected to higher levels of the administration in Washington DC.

This news comes as 76% of registered voters in a Quinnipiac University Poll believe that a special prosecutor is needed to investigate the actions of the IRS in its targeting of conservative groups.


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The WSJ made a good case for not having a special persecutor.

Bottom line: if we get a special persecutor, the whole thing goes silence for at least 18 months, past the 2014 elections.
With the Congress investigating, it sits there day after day.

    Paul in reply to Neo. | May 30, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    I agree with that assessment. It’s better to let congress investigate until such time as they have meat for a special prosecutor to sink their teeth into. At that time, the media will have to report on the matters.

    It’s the same thing that happened to Nixon.

Here’s an idea, a special prosecutor reporting directly to Professor Jacobson and a committee composed of six of LI’s regular commenters.

Prerequisites: willing to have ten year’s tax returns audited, phones tapped, email read, no concealed carry permit. Parent approval required.

Unless they put them under oath all this will be is another opportunity for them to lie.

Expected responses:

“everyone was doing it”, “they gave us the application files”.

When asked who “they” are, expect more “I don’t remember”; and more “on the advice of counsel….”

Certainly the Holder DOJ and the FBI which participated in the harassment of conservatives applying for tax-exempt status cannot be trusted to investigate this administration. But we don’t need a special prosecutor just yet – IF the Congress can compel compliance with their subpoenas.

It isn’t until clear evidence of crimes are uncovered – specific violations by specific persons, with documents and/or witnesses to confirm them – that a special prosecutor is absolutely required.

Absolutely no special prosecutor. The DOJ is crooked, the executive has every reason to deep six this mess forever, the courts will not intervene in anything and all that is left is half of the Congress to dig this mess out. The public voted collectively for this executive, has passively let the courts descend into impotence, and all that is standing between the country and tyranny is Congressional districts that refuse to buckle under to this authoritarian boot heel. Drag it out. Make the people, WHO WE PAY, plead the 5th. Anyone who gets a public check, pay or retirement, who pleads the 5th regarding their work and political activity, should by law be removed from the public teat by noon the next day. Put it a revised version of the Hatch Act.

How long until we get a Lois Learner managing our medical decisions and access to Doctors?