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Pallywood fakes Palestinian handcuffed to hospital bed

Pallywood fakes Palestinian handcuffed to hospital bed

Pallywood never sleeps.

You already now that Pallywood is the longest running series in the history of fiction.

Now it’s being used to help incite a Third Intifada over the death of a Palestinian terrorist from cancer while in prison in Israel, via WaPo:

Maysara Abu Hamdiya, 63, died in an Israeli hospital in the southern city of Beersheba three days after he was taken there by prison authorities and two months after receiving a diagnosis of throat cancer.

Palestinian officials, citing a lawyer who visited Abu Hamdiya, said he had complained of throat pain since August 2012 but that inadequate treatment had led to a critical delay in the diagnosis….

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned what he called the “arrogance” of Israeli authorities, who he said had rejected attempts by Palestinian officials to secure Abu Hamdiya’s early release for medical treatment.

As part of that effort a fake photo has been circulating, via the IDF website:

PROVED FAKE: Photo of Palestinian Prisoner Maysara Abu Hamdiya Handcuffed to Bed

Some things never change. Today a photo appeared on the internet, passed off as being an image of Maysara Abu Hamdiya, a Palestinian prisoner who died this week in an Israeli prison. Hamdiya suffered from cancer, and the allegation is that he did not receive the medical treatment he needed. The photo shows him handcuffed to a hospital bed and insinuates that he received cruel, inhumane treatment during his prison sentence.

The Israeli Prison Services spokeswoman, Sivan Weizman, explained that the prison had taken all the necessary precautions for Abu Hamdiya’s health, including transferring him to a prison closer to hospital facilities should he need them.

Hamdiya was arrested for his involvement in a terrorist acts in 2002 and passed away this week from effects of cancer.


Written on the image are the words “prisoner, commander and jihadist”, along with a profile picture of Maysara Abu Hamdiya.

The image implies that Abu Hamdiya handcuffed to a hospital bed. In reality, the arm pictured above is a cropped portion of a photo taken in Syria of a hospitalized rebel. The photo was originally published on December 8th, 2012.


Many photos and videos have been manipulated to show Israel in a negative light. This is just another example of the length to which people will go to discredit it.



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He’s a good terrorist now. Should some poor soul feel butt hurt I have a suitable small violin for the occasion.

BannedbytheGuardian | April 4, 2013 at 6:34 pm

The Daily Mail had some artistic photos of prisoners in a Kentucky jail some of whom were cuffed , secured & mega restrained getting psycho medications.

I would have put a spit mask on this one .

There is also the problem of throwing faeces .

Anyone objecting to this should visit their state penitentiary psycho unit to see the real world.