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Exposing, Once Again, the Old Failed Republican Guard

and hastening their political demise.

Exposing, Once Again, the Old Failed Democratic Guard

The Guardian:

Guardian Rand Paul Filibuster

Democrats Shamefully Silent on Obama Administration’s Assertion of Right to Assassinate Americans on U.S. Soil

Rand Paul carried out a historic 13-hour filibuster of dronemaster-in-chief John Brennan’s nomination for CIA chief.

Huffington Post slammed Democrats for being missing in action and progressive news host Cenk Uygur called Senator Paul a “constitutional hero”.

One of the top constitutional law experts in the country – Jonathan Turley, a progressive liberal – writes:

What was most striking about this principled stand is the virtual total absence of Democrats in speaking out against Obama. Just this week, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted that this policy could include killing citizens on U.S. soil with drones. Yet, the Democrats worked to stop not the kill list policy but Paul’s filibuster. Obama apologists have attacked Rand for some of his other positions to avoid dealing with the fact that Obama is claiming the powers of an Imperial President. I do not agree with Paul on many things, but I commend him for this stand and condemn those who remained silent, again, in the face of this authoritarian policy of Obama.


The lack of opposition to Obama’s kill list policy is a national disgrace. It shows the triumph of a cult of personality within the Democratic ranks where both members and voters have chosen Obama over long-standing values of civil liberties that once defined their party.

Exposing, Once Again, Elizabeth Warren

Making Obama/Holder Surrender on Something

Even if it’s on an obvious point, we don’t get very many of these.  In the wake of the Sequester hysteria, this filibuster has hurt Obama politically.

Awakening Another Sleeping Giant

The Rick Santelli of Our Time. (If you are not on Twitter, you need to be.)


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