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“Another conservati​ve in the penal colony of MD”

“Another conservati​ve in the penal colony of MD”

Another restless reader in Maryland.

From frequent photographer Ulises:

Another conservati​ve in the penal colony of MD

By the way, is Mark Levin who calls MD a penal colony for conservatives…

Bumper Sticker - Maryland - I don't believe the liberal media


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Hey, I resemble that remark, living as I do in southern Maryland. And my car sports the same bumper sticker. No catcalls, honking, or key marks yet.

casualobserver | March 18, 2013 at 9:30 am

A friend of mine in MD has a joke she tells often (too often…).

How do you ID a conservative in MD? VA plates….

May not be true, but as she describes it, many in the massive DC-gov’t complex often choose to move out of MD to VA. Commutes can be about the same, life is much different is some ways, however.

MD is a place for me to avoid… Cain’t carry there!

It is worse than a penal colony. In Maryland, you have to pay to live in the penal colony. Gov. O’Malley has a new scheme to “re-fund” the Transportation Fund that he raided to pay for his social programs. He will increase the gasoline tax. It looks to be about 42 cents per gallon increase by 2018. O’Malley figures that he will be President or Senator by that time and he will blame Ehrlich, our last Republican governor [2002-2006]. He also want to tax the ownership of firearms through a registration/taxation scheme. He has a lopsided democrat majority in the legislature and they bow to his wants at every turn. You cannot imagine how painful it is to live here. I would move, but my wife and children refuse to leave.