This probably should be posted over at College Insurrection.

But it fits with the theme being developed about the loss of the youth vote.

So, courtesy of The College Fix, Prof Strips, Shows 9/11 Footage, Impales Stuffed Animal (VIDEO):

A science professor at Columbia University on Monday began a quantum mechanics lecture by stripping into his boxers and eating a banana while rap music played in the background.

Then it got weird.

The professor, Emlyn Hughes, proceeded to redress himself in black, complete with sunglasses, and hug himself on stage at the front of the classroom, a large theater.

As Hughes sat in the fetal position, two “actors” dressed in ninja costumes walked onstage and placed white stuffed animals – lambs – on stools before the audience, according to a student-recorded video of the incident posted on by “Bwog.”

The ninjas blindfolded the lambs, then a ninja impaled one of the stuffed animals with a long sword and banged it against the stool – right as an image of a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers on 9/11 started rolling on a large screen behind the performance.

Be sure to listen to the girl’s comments as it is unfolding — “Is that a banana?” “What is happening?” “I am so confused” “Is this real life” “How does this relate to anything?” “Hi Sadaam” “What is going on?” and so on.

Remember, this is SCIENCE class.

The good news is that he got their attention.  The bad news is that he got their attention.

FroSci Gone Wild from Bwog on Vimeo.

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