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Sudan in raptor over capture of Israeli “agent”

Sudan in raptor over capture of Israeli “agent”

This is one of those “we’re really deep into their heads” type stories.

Sudan is furious that a large missile factory run by Iran was blown up, presumably by Israel.

Sudan has captured the intelligence agent responsible for surveillance, or so it says, via The Independent, Meet operative PP0277: A secret agent – or just a vulture hungry for dead camel?

Shortly before the mysterious bombing of a weapons factory in Khartoum in October, an Israeli operative code name PP0277 left a remote site near Sde Boker in Israel’s Negev desert.

Carrying a sophisticated tracking device concealed in a box on his leg, he made his way south across the Sinai desert, over the Red Sea, and into Sudan. On 1 December, however, his mission came to an abrupt halt. Having covered up to 350 miles a day, PP0277 had stopped moving at a village near the Sudanese town of Krinkh.

It was on Thursday that his fate finally became clear when the mayor of Krinkh, Hussein al-A’ali, announced that PP0277 had been captured – declaring him to be an Israeli spy “capable of taking photos and sending them back to Israel”.

It was then that Ohad Hatzofe, the Israeli who sent PP0277 on his fateful flight, did not know whether to laugh or cry. For PP0277 is not a top Mossad agent, but a young griffon vulture who, Mr Hatzofe insists, was simply making its semi-annual winter migration to Africa.

Oh sure.  The bird probably was guided to the missile factory by the Israeli shark brigade.


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legacyrepublican | December 7, 2012 at 9:42 pm

Vultures are Democratic Party spies, not Israeli spies. Silly Sudan.

These Juice are really clever. Remember when they did stuff that made Arab men’s penises disappear?

A vulture?

I heard it was a turkey from Istanbul.

And when the Sudanese interrogators asked him why he crossed the Sinai desert to get to the other side, the turkey responded, “To show I’m not a chicken.”

They’ve given him a number, and taken away his name … secret turkey agent.

Holy double entendre, Prof…!!!

I THINK you meant “Sudan in RAPTURE over capture”…

But still…very cute!

    I beg to differ with you Rags but, as an American Bald Eagle, I’m quite proud to share my classification as a ‘Raptor’ with many other birds of prey and am especially proud of my brothers and sisters who heroically embark on dangerous missions such as this one.

    By the way, agent PP0277’s name was George and he will be sorely missed by his brethren. (sob)

      Ragspierre in reply to Joy. | December 7, 2012 at 10:54 pm

      I was not sure that carrion eaters would be…er…acceptable members of the family. Hardly welcome at Thanksgiving.

      Has Agent PP0277 been “liquidated”…??? A shame if so. He could have had a brilliant career in Sudanese politics.

        Once again I beg to differ….Thanksgiving is the best time of all because (although they always complain that they are the last ones to eat) clean-up is a breeze ’cause the only thing left of the turkey is a sparkling pile of bones.

        As for the fate of poor George, I’m afraid that his demise was witnessed by another brave raptor and dutifully reported to headquarters.

Sudan is said to be just days away from testing its new defense system aimed at thwarting further Israeli incursions into its air space.

It’s called, “Guano Dome.”

    Ah yes, but the brave patriotic Israeli Bat Patrol has infiltrated Sudan and I’m assured that tons of anti-diarrheal drugs have been strewn over the food of those poor imprisoned bats who are forced to produce the essential ingredient necessary for the Guano Dome.

    i.e. No poop, No Dome. 🙂

If the Sudanese were smart, they wouldn’t still be in freakin’ Sudan, now, would they?

Like maybe that 350 miles a day was a give-away?


Joy, you’re not sh*tting me on that Dome are you??? 🙂
I recall reading that you can tell a lot about a culture from their sayings and stories.

The one that stuck in my mind that I was told was from Iraq (IIRC) was that a guy is lying under a tree taking a nap. A bunch of noisy kids come up and wake him up, and to get them to go away, he makes up a story and tells them that there’s lots of melons being given away in the next village over. Excited, all the kids run off. He lies back down, then a few minutes later decides he wants to get some of those melons he told the kids about.

Apparently the people there think that a lot of them are capable of believing their own lies. I’m no psychologist, but whatever it’s called, it’s not a good sign.

I wonder if this is what we’re seeing with the poor vulture.

TrooperJohnSmith | December 8, 2012 at 6:24 am

Jooooooooooos are like Republicans. They can do things they didn’t even know they were capable of doing or even consciously know they were engaged in. And they both are always blamed, regardless.

GOD of the Joos and Christians has power over the animals. For Heaven’s sake and God’s purposes, whales swallow rebels until they repent and even an Ass can talk.

Can the Mossad also be “Lord of the Flies” as this article suggests?

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