I agree with this assessment by Erick Erickson:

Republicans in Congress intend to vote today on Plan B, John Boehner’s fall back plan on the fiscal cliff.

The President says he will veto it.

In other words, the Republicans are going to go on record that they will sell out their last remaining principle — no tax increases — and get nothing from the Democrats in return. Nothing.

There’ll be no Democrat deal on entitlements. There’ll be no Democrat deal on spending. There will only be the GOP’s sell out.

Click here to call your congressman. Tell him to oppose this Republican deal. [waj – and to support Plan C]

The GOP should not go on record willing to raise taxes if the Democrats will not offer meaningful reforms now on spending and entitlements.

Plan C — the Christmas Strategy — makes much more sense. 

Preserve the status quo pending negotiations on spending reductions and entitlement reforms until after the artificial year-end deadline, which is Obama’s big pressure point, passes. 

It will be harder for Harry Reid to table, or Obama to veto, something which preserves the status quo pending further negotiations, even if they know it ultimately weakens their hand. 

And if they do nix it, they will not have the smokescreen of claiming Boehner and the Republicans walked away from negotiations.


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