On Monday, I will have an in-depth account of the circumstances leading up to the cancellation of Ann Coulter’s appearance at Fordham.

In the course of the investigation I have spoken to numerous students involved in the events, and one interesting fact has emerged which I did not want to get buried in the larger story:

The Fordham College Democrats as an organization did not object to Coulter’s appearance.

To the contrary, a representative of the College Democrats told the College Republicans that at a meeting of College Democrats prior to cancellation, someone appeared with an anti-Coulter petition seeking signatures, and not a single College Democrat in attendance would sign.  Several College Democrats also expressed solidarity privately in communications with the College Republicans..

Not all College Republicans favored cancellation, so don’t be too quick to criticize the entire group.  Wait for Monday when you see how this played out.

But it’s interesting that the Fordham College Democrats did not join the anti-Coulter effort.


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