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Almost no one shows up to Elizabeth Warren “endorsement rally” in Worcester, MA

Almost no one shows up to Elizabeth Warren “endorsement rally” in Worcester, MA

The current Mayor and several former Mayors of Worcester, MA, held an “endorsement rally” for Elizabeth Warren yesterday:

Mayor Joe Petty, along with Lt. Gov. Tim Murray and other Democrats, will lead an endorsement rally in front of Worcester City Hall at 9 a.m.

“I’m proud to stand with my predecessors,” Petty said in a statement. “We’re coming together not out of politics, but for one simple reason: Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate in this race who will stick up for the needs of Worcester; for the working families that are the fabric of our community; and for the small businesses that drive our economy.”

Worcester and Central Massachusetts, with its historically conservative leanings, is considered a stronghold for Brown in predominately liberal Massachusetts. According to a September survey conducted by the Western New England University Polling Institute for The Republican/, 60 percent of those polled in Central Mass. were supporting Brown compared to 36 percent who said Warren was the candidate of choice.

Brown previously secured an endorsement from former Worcester Mayor Konstantina “Konnie” Lukes, a conservative Democrat and current Worcester city councilor. Lukes also appeared in a TV ad on Brown’s behalf, saying she is “impressed by Scott Brown’s independence, his ability to work with people on both sides of the aisle.”

If all you saw were the news reports and images, you’d think it was a great rally:

In fact, almost no one other than the politicians showed up for the rally:


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Lukes also appeared in a TV ad on Brown’s behalf, saying she is “impressed by Scott Brown’s independence, his ability to work with people on both sides of the aisle.”

Which is an excellent, positive piece of messaging.

Warren is a shrill scold of a harpy, who does NOT play well with people who oppose her…especially those who make her run (i.e., people with cameras and mildly difficult questions).

Brown, for all his flaws, is a mensch.

A crowd in Lowell on Friday night, but all the same local Democrats. I know more then a few from the pictures. Again Lowell is pretty organized, I had a Warren supporter knocking on doors here, and plenty of Warren signs. Again, this is Niki Tsongas’ neighborhood. And the Democrats are really more of a social/cultural institution.

As a Catholic, it is very disheartening to see fellow Catholics, bend over backwards and the Democratic party. They accuse of Republicans to be extreme, but this is not the party from even 15 years ago in the state. I’m not saying Republicans represent everything Catholics stand for, but supposedly Catholic Democrats were suppose to have some leverage here, and they really have no power in terms of party platform/public policy.

They want the Church to be in line with the Democratic Party, not actually put up political candidates we can in good conscience we can vote for.

Note to democrats: If you want to improve attendance at your breakfast rallies, next time try offering free donuts or free egg-n-cheese sandwiches.

I will be so disapointed in the people of my home state if Warren wins. She is a proven liar, and it scares me to death to think of her with so much power.

    casualobserver in reply to Moe4. | November 3, 2012 at 10:32 am

    She isn’t just a liar. She has proven herself to be the worst kind of politician without ever having yet been elected. She is a hypocrite of the first order in what she says, versus what she does. In a way she follows the trail of John Edwards, although I would never put her in the same category of sleaze.

A “divinity” is a candy made mainly from sugar, corn syrup and egg whites. It is very white, and puffs up with little substance. Rather like Miss Elizabeth. If the Democratic Party and the press didn’t support her, she would have no candidacy at all. Amazing that even Sandra Fluke has been drawing bigger crowds.

Maybe it if was closer to the Worcester Planned Parenthood, they could have had a bigger crowd. But they do abortions on Saturdays and there is a vigil protest there as well, so it would be awkward.

Brown has a rally in Worcester today. A comparison with Warren’s rally would be interesting.

The linked article correctly notes that Central MA is sane and therefore pro-Brown. Warren’s in-state support comes from upscale goo-goos and Big Labor in the east and west: looney toons and union goons.

Central Mass Scott Brown fan here and I have to agree with the posts above… I just can’t figure out why people would vote for this woman! as Moe4 posted above I will be very disapointed if she wins this election.

Scott Brown was in Lowell last week, with several registered Democrats endorsing him.

Way too funny. Go git ’em Liz!

One or two maybe..

You’d think her tribe would’ve had a bigger turnout for her


Should’ve brought in Sandra Fluke for some real star fire power! Would’ve doubled that crowd size!

They was Fluked!

The 360 shot is perfect – as the politician’s drone fades into the background, and the bus turns the corner… epic! Down goes Shitting Bull…

It doesn’t matter that people didn’t show up, what matters is the press did, and took/cropped their photographs to show all the important people looking important and saying important things. That’s what’s important…

Taking it to da street!

But I’m sure that city bus at the end was just full of Warren supporters for the rally. They were just late – all being tenured or in union jobs or on public assistance, they have no incentive to show up on time.

But it’s hard to draw a crowd for Democrats these days. In Ohio, Stevie Wonder gave a free concert for Democratic GOTV – and drew 200 people.

They need to go back to handing out cigarettes and liquor.

DevilsPrinciple | November 4, 2012 at 8:45 am

No doubt that the poor attendance was due to Warrens fellow Fugowee tribal members getting lost on the way to the rallies. They must have run into the twelve flash mob dancers organizing for Obama in Manhattan.