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Liberal supporters of Elizabeth Warren, please remove the “Tolerance” bumper stickers from your cars

Liberal supporters of Elizabeth Warren, please remove the “Tolerance” bumper stickers from your cars

Because one of the symbols is an Indian peace pipe.

And you are supporting someone who falsely claimed to be Indian, and who used that false claim in the most cynical ways in her career.

Every one of her claims to actual ancestry has been proven false.  Every one of them, including the family lore.

You should be ashamed of yourselves, if you have any shame.

So take the Tolerance stickers off your cars.  You don’t serve to wear them.

Update:  A reader points out that the “r” also is an Indian symbol, via the link above:

under the letter “r,” a joyful Native American kokopelli [fertility deity], dancing and playing the flute, is used;


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They don’t have shame, see Joe Biden.

What’s the problem? The sticker says “Tolerance: Believe in it.” Well, they “believe” in Warren, so they “tolerate” her lies.

It’s a slogan, not a sentiment.

TrooperJohnSmith | October 13, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Ever notice that the Christian cross must ALWAYS be the “T in Tolerance”? Always.

liberal democrats never have shame… Look at Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Durban, Jackson etc.

They’ll fight, er, lie on but hopefully will not succeed.

That’s why getting a squeaky clean guy back into the White House will be so refreshing…

This is an outrage!

No, I’m not talking about bumper stickers.

The Arab Spring, Elizabeth Warren, Obama for a second time … they was all robbed by the EU!

If I were a crazy Islamist (is there any other kind?) I’d be alighting anything and everything flammable within miles at this insult hurled at the Prophet M.

How dare they say the Arab Spring is not the recipient of the Peace Prize! This means war!

Even their bumper stickers lie.
Tolerance…? What a joke.
Nobody will step on your rights or trample your freedom quicker than a leftie. They won’t even let little kids eat a damn cup cake at a public school.

“Tolerance” is that state of mind you exhibit whilst looking for a big enough rock or club with which to kill the other guy. Do not confuse with “acceptance” when it is merely a tactical state of mind.

“You don’t serve to wear them.”

“deserve” /pedant

Tolerance is putting up with ideas, cultures, mindsets and situations that you disagree with. It doesn’t mean making everyone believe as you do. I tolerate homosexuality, but I vehemently disagree with it. I tolerate Elizabeth Warren not being jailed for legal malpractice, even though she ought to be at least disbarred. I tolerate this shameful administration because I’m a law abiding citizen. The Tolerance Bumper sticker is another stupid feel good slogan, akin to “perform random acts of kindness.” I prefer “Perform deliberate acts of kindness.” myself. These poeple who place such tripe on their cars, don’t understand the concepts.

To the “Tolerance” people:

If you disagree with gays, you’re homophobic, if you are against Elizabeth Warren you are against self-identification, if you are against this administation, you are racist.

It’s time to administer some lessons on November 6th, and send these people to the back of the classroom.

Liberalism is evil wrapped in tolerance.

Someone please explain to me what liberal tolerance is? I have never seen such a thing.

The people demanding these bumper stickers be taken down are almost as ridiculous as the ones who put them up. The mentality of these people is “troubling”. By that I mean as crazy as loons.

The word ‘tolerance’ is not in the Bible. I’ve looked for it. So, I don’t practice it. Instead, I leave every man to be accountable to God’s judgment and expect every man to leave me alone to be a very orthodox Christian.

I find the Tolerance bumper stickers to be worthy of a hate crime. They hate my religion so much, that they think it is same as all the others. It is condescending and un-compassionate to me. It is the same with the Darwin fish that also mock Christianity.