I’m very pleased to welcome long-time reader and commenter (CassandraLite) Joel Engel as a contributor at Legal Insurrection.

I’ve met Joel twice, and one thing led to another, and here we are.

You may have noticed Joel’s first post earlier today, 2016 May Bring Good Things.  I had intended to give Joel a welcome before his first post, but world events took over the blog this morning.  So better late than never.

Joel has a varied and fascinating background, available at his blog which oddly has the url http://www.joelengel.com/

I’ve authored or co-authored more than 15 books (including a New York Times bestseller)—narrative nonfiction, essays, sports, satire, pop culture, biography, and autobiography.

As a journalist for the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, among other papers and periodicals, I reported on everything from politics to hot-air ballooning, pregnancy to cancer research, pop culture to business.

I’ve also sold several feature-film scripts to Hollywood and produced about 60 hours of (cable) television.  Two professional experiences that I remember with inexplicable pleasure are writing an infomercial hosted by a celebrity who insisted on being introduced as “the beautiful and talented actress” when in fact she was not quite either, and getting fired from a documentary about Elvis fans for telling the network executive—who until months before had been a Russian interpreter—that her clunky suggestion for the show’s opening sequence was “not good television.”

You can and should follow Joel on Twitter.

Joel’s latest book is L.A. ’56, a true crime novel about a serial rapist in Los Angeles.

“…blistering true crime…. In a crowded field of fine true crime authors, Engel makes sure that all of the dots are connected and justice has its say.”     –Publishers Weekly

Joel’s investigative work on behalf of a young foreign college student accused of rape is fascinating, Exonerating Eric Frimpong.

Among his many interests, Joel will cover issues related to the Jewish community, Israel, and Hollywood.  But expect the unexpected.


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