What will the media do?  It has invested everything in the tape.

But there is a pretty fierce counterpunch being delivered on talk radio, on Twitter, in the blogosphere, and even on television when allowed.

There is good reason to believe that Obama’s post-convention bounce already is unbouncing, via Ace:

In the beginning of the bounce, it was thought that Obama’s lead would grow over the next week, as the seven-day track included days from before DNC. Ergo, as those relatively bad days for Obama dropped off the track, we could expect the lead to grow.

Which is about what happened.

But now the best days of this track, for Obama, come earlier in the track, and will soon be dropping out of it.  Meaning that Obama’s one point lead will probably vanish, and Romney might even go ahead by a point or two.

If the media cannot knock Romney out over the tape, it’s a new ballgame and Romney will have the momentum.

Don’t be disheartened, be encouraged. The moment of weakness shown by some Republican commentators will pass.


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