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Help our efforts to expose the truth about Elizabeth Warren

Help our efforts to expose the truth about Elizabeth Warren

If you have been following this blog, you know that we have gone where others have not gone in helping to tell the story about Elizabeth Warren’s false claim to be Cherokee, how she used it in her career, and how she gave at best misleading responses when confronted.

Whether it’s reporting on what the Cherokee genealogists have found, covering Warren at the Netroots Nation or producing our own videos, I think we have made a difference.

Certainly we have not done it alone.  The Cherokee genealogy group headed by Twila Barnes, The Boston Herald, and Michael Patrick Leahy of deserve far more credit than we do in documenting the truth that even Warren’s almost $30 million in campaign donations cannot suffocate.

Ironically, Warren’s appearance at the DNC represented a major breakthrough for the truth, as the outrage was picked up by Native Americans who cannot be attacked by Warren as agents of Scott Brown or the “right wing extremists.”

Even The NY Times has had to report on it, and in a way that made Warren look very bad, For Warren, Bad Blood Over Ethnic Claims:

Karen Geronimo, a member of the Mescalero Apache tribe in town for the Democratic convention, knows what she wants from Elizabeth Warren, the Senate candidate from Massachusetts: a blood sample.

“Someone needs to make her take a DNA test,” said Ms. Geronimo, whose husband, Harlyn Geronimo, is the great-grandson of the legendary warrior Geronimo.

The still-simmering controversy over Ms. Warren’s self-proclaimed American Indian heritage has chased her from the campaign trail in Massachusetts to the convention hall, resonating with a small but vocal constituency: American Indian Democrats….

“If you’re going to be Native, don’t just be Native on paper,” said Lexie LaMere, a Nebraska delegate and member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. “What’s troubling is that she’s shown nothing in her history of being involved in Native American issues.”

Mr. Geronimo, wearing a “Native Americans for Obama” button, said he was disappointed when he first heard of Ms. Warren’s claim.

“She needed leverage to further her career and started digging,” he said. Ms. Warren brushed aside reporters who asked about the concerns on Wednesday, saying: “I’ve answered those questions. I’m here to talk about what’s happening to America’s working-class families. That’s my job. It’s my full-time job.”

We want to do more.

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“Warren Pretender-of the Cheating Tribe”

There once was a “middling*” attorney–
Had to distance herself from the “herd”
Of so many hopefuls, with credentials so boastful
She knew she would never be heard.

So she traded her license to practice,
For a “poetic license” of sorts.
She became “part Cherokee”, and then Harvard could see,
She’d appear in “Minority Reports”.

Just this year, though, her “license” was *cancelled*,
By true Cherokees who had LOTS of proof,
That her “massive white lie”, just could not justify,
Her false claims—it was all just a “spoof”!

But her training in law had prepared her,
To ignore even truth’s mighty power.
“Doubling down” on her lies, she kept up her disguise,
Trusting she was BO’s “star” of the Hour”.

Well our story’s not ended so quickly,
For the people of MASS must now choose.
Do they elect “the Pretender”, or do they send her,
Back to law school to learn ethics rules!

* Middling = mediocre, second-rate.
COPY FREELY – no rights reserved.

Check out the comments on the Elizabeth Warren story at the Indian Country website.

American Indians are very protective of their culture and they get past politics to properly assess the situation.

We want to do more.
We’ve done everything but endorse Scott Brown…

It’s not for me, it’s for the cause .. the cause.

    Professor, I don’t want to see Fauxchohantas running for President next year. I wrote a bunch of checks to conservative candidates today; will add one to you and mail the whole bundle tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work.

    Warren is a pawn of the Grand Puppetmaster. Now is the time to stop her political progress.

[…] Elizabeth Warren is running for the Massachusetts Senate seat now held by Republican Scott Brown. I urge you to vote for Brown, who only claims to be an American. Maybe in Massachusetts, being American is something considered to be abhorrent? Pick your topic and read much more about Elizabeth Warren here. Read more at Legal Insurrection. […]

Mr. Geronimo, wearing a “Native Americans for Obama” button, said he was disappointed when he first heard of Ms. Warren’s claim.

“She needed leverage to further her career and started digging,” he said.

Uhhhh..yeah and what about that guy you’re wearing a button for?

Hat tip Professor for helping to expose Warren’s fictional life narrative and how she has used it to further her career. But at the same time, shame on you Professor for ignoring obama’s much greater acts of fraud concerning his forged Birth certificate (released on the white house website), his forged Selective Service form and his use of a CT social security number. These issues concerning obama which include the subsequent coverup dwarfs Warren fraud to the power of 10. What are you afraid of ??!???!?!?!

    logos in reply to DrJim77. | September 6, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    I am sure you would prefer the Professor spin his wheels on a now irrelevant issue.

    I prefer the spotlight be shone on the looming threat represented by Elizaveth Warren aka Lieawatha.

      DrJim77 in reply to logos. | September 7, 2012 at 11:41 am

      So let me get this straight. The POTUS who is currently up for re-election has strong evedence against him that his ENTIRE life history is questionable, including a presented FORGED birth certificate, Selective Service Form and SS # is an IRRELEVENT topic, BUT a senate candidate who probaly truely belived that she had a sliver of Indian Blood in her genetic poll is earth shattering. WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON LOGOS ?!?!?

      Warren’s major error in this fiasco is just not coming clean and claiming she just made a mistake. IMO her controversy would have immediately quieted down with minimal politcal fallout. (I am glad she did not because I want to see her fail in her bid as much as all of us).

      In Barry Sotoro/obama’s case, there is no coming clean as his acts are clear felonies that were done with clear foresight and knowledge that they were blatently fraudelent.

      So explain to me why a presidental canidate’s acts of felony fraud, forgery and idenity theft done with malice and foresight is irrelevent…

    Henry Hawkins in reply to DrJim77. | September 6, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Hat tip DrJim77 for helping to expose the Professor’s fear of black helicopter attacks should he pursue the all-important birther issue. But at the same time, shame on you DrJim77 for ignoring the hoaxed Apollo moon landings, government involvement in 9/11, the murder of Marilyn Monroe, the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance, the Clinton administration body count, the imminent establishment of the New World Order, and last but not least, the purloined recipe for Coca Cola. What are YOU afraid of ??!???!?!?!

      I suppose, Mr. Hawkins, that you believe that the document obama presented last year is legit…Try doing some honest research if you are capable before you attack a messenger and expose your nativity and ignorance…

      Here is a start for you. Sheriff Arpaio’s two press conferences on his investigations…

        Henry Hawkins in reply to DrJim77. | September 6, 2012 at 9:52 pm

        Hey, I’m just a messenger too. Messengers are immune from criticism according to you.

        Why is your conspiracy theory the important one? Why ignore all these others? When you figure out why you ignore other conspiracy theories you’ll understand why I ignore yours.

          It seems you are incapable of doing honest research, but perfer to resort to Alinski tactics. The Warren issue is valid as is obama’s felony fraud, forgery and idenity theft. Your attempts to belittle me and this issue speaks volumes on your hopeless lemming like character, not to mention your complete contempt for the rule of law.

        Henry Hawkins in reply to DrJim77. | September 6, 2012 at 10:01 pm

        And what’s this “exposing your nativity”? You callin’ me a pervert?

        (It’s naivete).

        logos in reply to DrJim77. | September 6, 2012 at 11:45 pm


        Your concern about “obama’s felony fraud, forgery and idenity theft” is worthy of your own website reporting your research results. I believe you can still set up a blog for free at WordPress. Go play there while the rest of us direct our attention to the Senatorial, House of Representatives and Presidential elections taking place in less than 60 days.

          DrJim77 in reply to logos. | September 7, 2012 at 12:20 am

          I guess in your world it is not important that our President is a fraud and a felon. Thank God there are MILLIONS of other citizens that disagree.

          Now that obama is officially nominated, the DNC is now culpible for their official certifications to the States. Timely lawsuits are coming against them next week.

          The rule of Law means something and the damage being created by ignoring this issue is causing irrepable damage in the confidence of millions of citizens with their government and with their judicary. POTUS is not above the law…

          BTW I am more than doing my part in exposing all these progresive libtards, as you, in lieu of the upcoming elections. We are on the same team, so be nice. Our little jabs at each other are silly….

          Henry Hawkins in reply to logos. | September 7, 2012 at 1:12 pm

          “We are on the same team, so be nice. Our little jabs at each other are silly….”

          Then why do you waltz in and make them, deciding for others what they ought to focus on, casting aspersions on the courage of those who disagree? Same team? Oh, I don’t think so, I don’t think so at all.

          Like most conspiracy nuts, your Great Mission has little to do with Obama and everything to do with yourself.

          DrJim77 in reply to logos. | September 7, 2012 at 2:32 pm

          and if obama manages to get back in for another term fairly or by stealing the election, it will because of people like Henry Hawkins who allowed it and even facilitated it. Your actions are what is called misprision of a Felony. At least Professor Jacobson remains mum on the subject while your treasonous ass is an actually party to the ridiculous cover up..

          DrJim77 in reply to logos. | September 7, 2012 at 2:35 pm

          most of us, unlike you, Henry hawkins are capable of multi tasking.

          Henry Hawkins in reply to logos. | September 7, 2012 at 8:11 pm

          No, you’re no conspiracy nut. Of course, if even one single person disagrees with you, they immediately go on your Traitor List, but…. lol. You beclown yourself.


As a lawyer, Liz was “fair”,
But to be “Prof” she had to share
MINORITY traits that just weren’t there.
Poor, poor Lizzy.

And then she had a wicked dream,
She’d invent a “Cherokee Nation” theme,
Theft of a race was her crazy scheme,
Crazy, crazy Lizzy.

Harvard bought the lie real fast,
And Liz kept lying to the last!
And she could lie with stunning class!
Dirty, dirty Lizzy.

Now Cherokees kept perfect lists,
Of true descendants in their midst,
Where Lizzy’s name did not exist!
Oh, oh Lizzy.

But when confronted by her fraud,
Liz attacked–she wasn’t awed
By truth, or even Cherokees’ Gods
Danger, danger Lizzy!

Now Massachusetts must decide,
If Liz, with BO right at her side,
Can mock both state and indian pride.
No way, Lizzy.


“We want to do more.”

Please, DO. Nail her to the wall.

Just sent you a donation in gratitude for your efforts and time. (My Paypal is under a different e-mail/name — but it’s me!)

Oh, and I voted in the primary yesterday in Boston, with a Dem. ballot. For Elizabeth Warren’s race, I wrote in Scott Brown. Take that, Granny Nanny-state

[…] rant was inspired by blogger Anne Sorock who has been working with Legal Insurrection to expose Lie-awatha’s sitting bull. this riff was based on a question @AnneSorock asked her. I still want people to ask her this […]