That’s the title of a new video released by the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Whereas our video (about 10,000 views as of this writing) focused on Warren’s deception during the campaign, this video focuses on the people she has hurt the most.

The ending quote from a full-blooded Cherokee is

“The DNC should be ashamed of themselves for giving the microphone to this deceiving pretender.”


Twila Barnes, the Cherokee genealogist who has led the charge to debunk Warren’s false claims, adds:

I have seen enough wannabes to know their traits. I know Warren is not an Indian. I highly suspect she is not a wannabe. If she is neither an Indian or a wannabe, that leaves one other option. There is one thing worse than being a wannabe. I will let my readers figure that one out on their own.

I know the answer.  Ethnic fraud

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