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Elizabeth Warren, Meet The People of Cherokee, NC

Elizabeth Warren, Meet The People of Cherokee, NC

That’s the title of a new video released by the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Whereas our video (about 10,000 views as of this writing) focused on Warren’s deception during the campaign, this video focuses on the people she has hurt the most.

The ending quote from a full-blooded Cherokee is

“The DNC should be ashamed of themselves for giving the microphone to this deceiving pretender.”


Twila Barnes, the Cherokee genealogist who has led the charge to debunk Warren’s false claims, adds:

I have seen enough wannabes to know their traits. I know Warren is not an Indian. I highly suspect she is not a wannabe. If she is neither an Indian or a wannabe, that leaves one other option. There is one thing worse than being a wannabe. I will let my readers figure that one out on their own.

I know the answer.  Ethnic fraud


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Shame? What is that? Why should the DNC express shame? To do that they would need a sense of right and wrong. Which is another factor that to them “does not compute”. I’m sure in her heart she’ Cherokee, and that’s all that counts.

Hey, can’t Granny Warren,the 1/32d but otherwise full-fledged Cherokee, do a reverse rain-dance and stop tomorrow’s “possible” rain storms?

But even apart from that, it would seem to me that telling a little thundercloud to skedaddle should be duck soup for a guy who can order the seas to cease rising.

she feels like a C…

Kudos for using the word FRAUD. It doesn’t need to be softened with the modifier “ethnic” either. Another good word people seem loathe to just say is LIAR. Media: the answer to “Are you part Cherokee” isn’t “It’s part of my story”. The answer is “yes” or “no” or “I don’t know”.

Democrats of which Elizabeth Warren is a leading member all have no shame. The truth simply is not in their vernacular.

Hopefully she will be toast as will be the anointed one.

Let her remain at Hawvawd and let the anointed on take the bus back to Chicago…

That’s a damn powerful video.

TrooperJohnSmith | September 5, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Dear Massachusetts Voters,

Come on you Bay State Idiots! When you should be ‘politically correct’, you screw that up too. I mean, she’s a white Anglo, stealing blood heritage from the original victims of the “Federal Assistance”. Where is your white guilt? Where is your shame? Get this right, and we’ll forgive you for ignominious glorification and deification of all things Kennedy and throw in that mistake called Gigolo John Kerry for free (who was in Vietnam, you know).

You won’t get a better deal than this. Really.

Fly-Over America

Some of the Native American delegates at the DNC weren’t too pleased with Warren’s position on this and want to discuss it with her before she speaks. I’ll be waiting to see how that works out.

1. Both the Republican and the LI video should lay greater stress that Warren’s fraud got her desirable jobs for which she otherwise would not have qualified.

(And the LI video is too inside-baseball, IMHO. Take a few seconds to explain who Warren is and what she wants. It’s a promising start, but I think of it as version 0.5.)

2. An LI commenter has pointed out that Warren would have been laughed out of Oklahoma had she tried her shtick there. Both videos would benefit from featuring an Okie making that statement.

3. The Left is trying to obscure their record with moral indignation which is as phony as Warren’s ethnic claims. Many conservatives are furious. Conservative indignation is understandable and legitimate, but the Left wamts the campaign to degenerate into a screaming match. The correct countermeasure is not anger, but mockery.

huskers-for-palin | September 5, 2012 at 6:55 pm

The dye was cast when LI first broke this story. Warren can’t go back now. It’s either a tainted victory with perpetual whispers or a humiliating defeat which ends her career because this crap doesn’t wash off. She can write off any thoughts of ever becoming POTUS or VPOTUS.

The power of social medial….feel the burn!!!!

    She is more incompetent than Biden, so she never had a chance for higher office than Senator (maybe a sub cabinet job but that is about it). But you are right, if she loses she goes down like Coakley–disgraced and done for. And the Dems will never forgive her for blowing this race.

If you’d like to have a little fun tonight, post a link to this post or the previous Ethnic Fraud post in the comments of any of the official Facebook pages of Warren, the DNC, and so on. I just posted it to a great thread from touting her speech tonight and on the others that mention Warren’s speech. Just find one of their pages and copy the link…then watch heads explode…

“Warren Pretender-of the Cheating Tribe”

There once was an “middling*” attorney, who
Sought to separate herself from the “herd”.
Of so many hopefuls, with credentials so boastful,
She knew she would never be heard.

So she traded her license to practice,
For a “poetic license” of sorts.
She became “part Cherokee”, and then all could see,
She’d appear in “Minority Reports”.

Well, in due time, her “license” was *cancelled*,
By true descendants who had lots of proof,
That her “really white lie”, just could not justify,
Her false claims—it was all just a “spoof”!

But her training in law had prepared her,
To withstand even truth’s mighty power.
She “doubled down” on her lies, and kept up her disguise,
Trusting she was BO’s “star” of the Hour”.

Well our story’s not ended so quickly,
For the people of MASS must now choose.
Do they elect “the Pretender”, or do they send her,
Back to law school to learn ethics’ rules!

* Middling = mediocre, second-rate.
COPY FREELY – no rights reserved. Yeah, they teach you things like that in law school.