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Composite acceptance speech

Composite acceptance speech

I just tuned in to hear Chains Biden tell the already debunked story about Obama’s mother fighting with the insurance company, and relating how that story reflects what makes Barack tick and who he is.  What a perfect start to the night.

A presidency built on myth and composite truth.  What in the old days they called lies.

Update: My summary of the Obama speech:

Below is my stream of tweetedness throughout the night:


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Chains Biden, too funny!

The first 45 seconds of Overseer Biden was all I could take. I got to yelling at the screen about yet another moron acting like he’s not an incumbent, not immediately responsible for all the problems he laments, and my wife sent me out of the room. So, I’m surfing instead, trying to get the BP back down. My dog’s hiding from me. (He’s a Democrat).

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Henry Hawkins. | September 7, 2012 at 7:14 am

    I felt like my granny, circa 1964, yelling at the ‘rasslin matches on TV. I turned off the sound. Then the picture. Finally, my brain. With Ambien (but not with the Tom Brokaw results).

Jusuchin (Military Otaku) | September 6, 2012 at 10:00 pm

Chainsman Biden is out? They’re still letting him out?

Is the crying scripted on the teleprompter?

Professor, why no live blog for the speech from the chosen one?

BannedbytheGuardian | September 6, 2012 at 10:15 pm

Madeline Dunham must not have liked her daughter much not to have helped out more. Certainly she had enough shares in her “little itty bitty bank ” to have contributed some funds. In 1995 they would still be relative to the $1 million value she bequeathed to Obama & the Soetero sister in 2008.

Most mothers would do anything to help their daughter live better when being doagnosed with varian cancer. Usually it is the biggest heartache to see your children die before you.

Tragic family in paradise.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to BannedbytheGuardian. | September 7, 2012 at 5:16 am

    Let’s suppose for a moment that the fairy tale about Hussein’s mom and the insurance was true. Hussein was an established lawyer by that time. Why wouldn’t he intervene and represent dear old mom against her insurance company instead of letting her die a helpless victim of the insurance company’s greed?

I’ve managed to watch all of DNC…..IMO Chains was even more impressive than Slick Willy in the total number of lies told.

Hold on… Did Bill Clinton just lecture us on a gutsy decision of killing bin Laden? What was his response to numerous terrorist acts against the US and having OBL in the cross-hairs??

Forget Biden. The real fun and fireworks came from Jennifer Granholm. Reminds you of the Dwight Schrute / Mussolini “Blood alone moves the wheels of history” speech.

Follow Allahpundit’s suggestion with the Rick Derringer video. LOL

Issue her a set of knee pads.

We live in a selective, opportunistic reality.

As with poison, “dilution is the solution”.

Obama is diluting his lies and big promises, with hundreds of lies and big promises. There are so many, no one can be focused on.

He promised to end the war in Iraq (already scheduled by Bush) and he did.

He killed Osama.

Gawd … this is a replay of 2008 … huge promises, huge promises … the rainbow unicorns are just around the corner. But Republicans want to kill them.

Same old bilge. It never changes.

The fact that these clowns regard Biden to be a serious and intelligent human being pretty much nullifies every single assertion they make about the right.

OK, OK he is their messiah … gawd how they worship his every bit of pap. Their hate of any challenge to his perfection is odious.

I know some of his base that have been regularly charged with this hate … but who else will swallow it?

    They are the Cult of Human Omniscience, celebrating their high priests tonight … in many ways, the poster children for Romans 1:22.

    They have more blind faith in the ability of their priests to accurately and completely perceive the Universe and act upon it on their behalf, than I do in my Lord and Savior.

Build schools.

Stimulus funds were used to tear down two schools in my neighborhood and they were never rebuilt, HUD buying $200k foreclosed homes and selling them for $25k.

Community organizing at its finest.

They’re done?

I missed the altar call!

These people are sick in the head. What is his plan? I know it scares me too.

I’ve been doing everything to miss the live telling of fibs by watching re-runs. I’ll catch up with the final analysis in the morning by the trusted Fox gang.

One thing for sure, it’s gonna be a tough dirty slippery slog to November 6 but at this point I think that the outcome is inevitable. A close popular vote but a landslide GOP electoral victory.

Send the whole Chicago gang thugs home in a fleet of derelict buses…

I’ll watch this crap when the evil greedy big pharmaceutical corporations start making Valium in salt lick form.

VetHusbandFather | September 6, 2012 at 11:42 pm

Wow… on CNN they are literally admitting that Obama has under-delivered and they are trying to excuse it because ‘he had the burden of office’ unlike Clinton.

VetHusbandFather | September 6, 2012 at 11:49 pm

Is anyone else getting sick about hearing how Obama ended the War in Iraq? Did everyone in this country forget that President George W. Bush and PM Nouri al-Maliki signed the Status of Forces Agreement in 2008 which agreed to withdraw all troops from Iraq by December 2011? Or do I only remember it because I was in Iraq when it was signed?

So why do politicians persist to insist
That they have to do these things for you?
I guess it looks better on Election Day
When they have a list of things to do

But when they tell you all you need to do is show up for work
They’re so smart they will not let you fall
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand
… That’s the Biggest Lie of All …

Despite their erudition
And academic pedigree
The Best and the Brightest look instead
Like a box of dim bulbs to me

They’ve replaced principles of sound governance
With politics and ideology
The Best and the Brightest look instead
Like a box of dim bulbs to me

Shame on me for not standing up sooner
To stop this repetitive insanity
The Best and the Brightest look instead
Like a box of dim bulbs to me …
… Like a box of dim bulbs to me …
… Like a box of dim bulbs to me

Clinton: 100,000 cops.
Obama: 100,000 teachers.
Your newborn twins: $100,000 in debt at birth.

Wow. What. A. Bad. Speech. He is trying to rally the base. I wonder if the reports out tomorrow are bad?

This reminds me of the the German Nuremberg Rally in 1936.

We saw how that turned out.

If this guy wins, save yourself time, and just roll the 1936 film.

It’s Bush’s economy, Bush’s wars, Bush’s failed policies. Obama is blameless, ok?

Now, why don’t we call our president Blameless, the national mascot. When things good happen, we keep our mascot; when shits happen, we ditch our mascot.

huskers-for-palin | September 7, 2012 at 12:28 am

Trending on Twitter: #ifobamadontwin talk about liberal funk and discontent!

Steven Dennis, White House reporter for Roll Call interviewed by CSPAN on DNC convention floor…

“If you’re not in a battleground state, get there and vote!”


Its time to get the gunny sack and bricks handy. Get ready to fill the tub. Momma cats had a looooong pregnancy. Soon it will be time to drown the mutant kittens.

How can he be F.D.R, I thought he was G.O.D.

He’s not GOD, he’s the Messiah.

Whoops, my bad. He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.

Obama wore his mom jeans to throw like a girl for his speech tonight. Jimmy Carter laughed, then thanked him.

Wait, I have to admit I haven’t been paying much attention to the DNC convention, but the didn’t really renominate Biden did they? I guess they must of, Obama wouldn’t speak until the VP was set, so they had to have right? Or was that his farewell speech intro for Obama?

They couldn’t have renominated Biden could they? That would be like proposing another stimulus.

postTenebraslux | September 7, 2012 at 6:43 am

Mr. Jacobsen, you stated “in the old days these were called lies”. I’ve been sayin this over and over and over, lies not gaffes, not misspoke, not accidental, lies, lies, lies. Also, what Mooch did at the DNC was what we called in the old days (here in the South) poor mouthin. People who did that were (I was taught as a child) pathetic, and I was taught not to pay any attention to them, that their poor mouthin was not going to get them anywhere. Nowadays, go figure.

TrooperJohnSmith | September 7, 2012 at 7:10 am

Obama is so shallow that he’s all surface.

Fund a mentally transformed Hun,
Doo-dah, doo-dah
Commies and the Mob rolled into Won,
Dumb diddly doo dah day “Hey O!”

“I just tuned in to hear Chains Biden tell the already debunked story about Obama’s mother fighting with the insurance company and relating how that story reflects what makes Barack tick and who he is….”

For every one of these composite stories about Obama’s mother fighting with the insurance company, I have ten real ones about mothers fighting to keep their homes, business and retirement savings from the constant harassment, pilfering and threat of seizure by Obama’s Tax Authorities. It’s what makes ME TICK!

[…] Composite acceptance speech […]

composited acceptance speeches
compost heap of septic leeches
capo di tutti capi capon
dreams from father copied, cape on.

diktat first term exec order
sanctimonied hate group sorter
scheme to scuttle Christian, Jew
freedom, market, in term two.

broken Dollar empty stores
starving dogs let slip for wars
western civ all burnt to embers
no one left but Party Members.

I saw one thing, from start to finish, during the DNC that could possibly provide a bounce and that was Scarlet Johannson’s tits.

Well, I heard President Obama’s speech and was totally surprised by him – and ashamed of myself. I now realize all he’s been up against and how unrealistic it has been for me to expect miracles, hell, to expect anything, given the headwinds of transigent Republican opposition for the sake of opposition.

Now that I understand Bush’s complicity for the thousands of jobs lost every month, I can give Obama full credit for the dozens of jobs he creates every month.

As a small business owner, I admit my sin of faulting my own government for excessive and repressive taxes, and for the mountain of regulations I have to study near-daily to keep up with. I now recognize government mentoring is all for my own good. Indeed, concern for ‘my own good’ is grievously selfish and ought never to enter the equation.

I’ve come to understand Obama’s great vision for our country and can see no other way forward than to do whatever I can to support its implementation.

Most important, I now officially accept Barack Obama as my personal savior.