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I am against legalization

I am against legalization

From reader Derek:

I visit your site regularly.

I spotted this sign while traveling last weekend Aug 18th.

It was in Milford, CT.  I thought you might like it.


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More correctly “fascism”, being a student of economics.

Ban the drug and exile all addicts to Cuba and Venezuela.

I’ve been very encouraged with your morning posts lately, Professor; but when I read this morning’s headlines at Daily Caller, I realized what an uphill climb we really have. Operation Counterweight MUST succeed. We are in terrible trouble if it doesn’t.

It’s called “Gateway Drug”.

Derek beat me to it – I saw this too, but didn’t have a chance to snap a photo. It’s right on the Post Road, which is the main drag through Milford and all of the other towns along the Connecticut coastline.

Nah, the New Deal was the gateway drug. We’ve been “on the pipe” for a long time now.