Let me be as clear as I can be.  Anyone who supports Israel must vote for Romney.  Obama, in complete control of foreign and military policy, will be unrestrained by electoral considerations in a second term, and will impose his vision of a Middle East settlement on the Israelis.  There won’t be a thing Congress or public opinion will be able to do about it.

There are signs, tentative as they may be, that Jewish support for Obama is waning.  The best sign of slippage is that Nancy Pelosi has begun demagoguing the issue, claiming Jews are being manipulated by Republicans on the issue of Israel.

Mitt Romney is in Israel.  Here are some of the highlights and headlines.

Romney gave a strong speech, declaring his support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital:

Jeffrey Goldberg claims it was “vulgar” for Romney to visit the Western Wall on the Jewish holiday commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples.  I call political bullshit on Goldberg for trying to score a cheap political point himself, and so does Carl at Israel Matzav.

Carl also has a fascinating history of a prior prominent Mormon who visited the Western Wall a century ago and went on to save 200,000 Jews in Europe.


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