From Peter Suderman at Reason, Obama Administration Security Official: We Don’t Need to Subpoena Reporters Anymore Because We Already Know Who They’re Talking To:

Wasserman’s blistering indictment of the Obama administration’s hyper-aggressive pursuit of government whistleblowers, first delivered at April’s Logan Symposium on Investigative Journalism, is worth reading in full.

Investigative reporters are supposed to be the ones keeping an eye on the government. Instead, it turns out, it’s the other way around….

Wasserman, who is the Knight Professor of Journalism Ethics at Washington & Lee University, frames his argument as a challenge to the press to stand up to the administration’s attack on journalistic sourcing. I’d certainly like to see a lot more of that as well. But the bigger problem—the root problem—isn’t the press; it’s the Obama administration’s hypocritical and legally dubious pursuit of the leakers and whistleblowers that President Obama once praised and promised to defend.