Today, Megyn Kelly of FOX News interviewed Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes about Elizabeth Warren’s claims to Cherokee heritage.

Legal Insurrection has been breaking news on Warren’s false claims, including extensive coverage of the genealogical records.

In the interview with Kelly, Barnes says, “there’s nothing to indicate she’s Cherokee. Her family is found nowhere among Cherokee records.”

Kelly then questioned Barnes about Warren’s claims about the “Pow Wow Chow” cookbook and Warren’s “high cheek bone” claims.

Barnes: “It’s just a story. And, honestly, I have never walked by any picture of any of my ancestors that are Indian and said, ‘they have high cheekbones. It’s just not something we say. That comment, I’m just shocked.'”

Kelly then asked, “Do you view her as a fraud, and do you view this as significant?”

In response, Barnes said, “I think this is a real issue, becuase we have issues in Indian country…and conditions sometimes that are worse than third world country living conditions….yet she thinks she can pretend to be an Indian and benefit from that and she has no clue these issues even exist. So it is important to talk about this. Because these are the people that she’s stepped on to get where she is today.”

Barnes also called for the release of any documents used for her hiring.


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