How sad is it for us as a society that Al Sharpton, of the Tawana Brawley hoax and Crown Heights/Freddy’s Fashion Mart riots, is leading protests calling for civil disobediance if George Zimmerman is not arrested immediately (and then will call for civil disobedience if the charges are not serious enough, or if the prosecution does not do x, y, or z, or if there is not a conviction, etc.).

Video h/t Weasel Zippers via Breitbart:

And how sad was it for us as a society that Democrats honored Sharpton with a prime speaking slot at its convention in 2004:

(added) The words of the Judge in the defamation case brought against Sharpton and others in the Brawley case ring so true today:

At the end of the trial this Court stated “Let us hope after 10 ½ years, the Tawana Brawley matter is finally laid to rest and we can move forward at last to promote healing and racial harmony.” Unfortunately, the continuing rhetoric by Brawley and her supporters refusing to accept the verdict does nothing to further racial harmony. In fact, in this particular case it is a disservice to the African American community since it diminishes credibility and may adversely affect other viable complaints. This Court recognizes that it is perfectly proper in appropriate circumstances to speak out against any legitimate racial injustice. In this case, the injustice was against those wrongfully accused of heinous crimes that never occurred. The jury did justice by righting that wrong. Brawley and her supporters have no right to claim that justice was not accomplished by this jury.


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