State-by-State vote results: NY Times.

11:00 p.m. –  Santorum is up by a couple of thousand votes with 86% reporting, but the talking heads are saying some key Romney precincts are not fully reported, so it is possible and maybe likely he will eke out a very tiny win.  I’m not staying for the end.

8:36 – CBS calls Tennessee for Santorum.  Apparently Santorum was called in Oklahoma earlier, I must have missed it.  So good night for Santorum with his first two contested primary wins.

8:00 – Mitt wins Mass, but big question is, did he do it by enough or will he fall short of expectations.  No one else campaigned there, so he should get at least 90%, or it’s a failure.  (This analysis FBO awing.)

7:30 – Romney wins Vermont.  With all the states that have been called, it’s too early to talk percentages of victory as the votes reporting still is low.

7:18 – Fox News calls Virginia for Romney.  No surprise, but running now only 60/40 over Paul.  Key is if Romney gets enough of a margin to win all the delegates in each district.

7:10 p.m. CNN projects Newt wins Georgia.  No surprise there.


The polls close in Georgia and Virginia at 7 p.m. Eastern, Ohio at 7:30, and Tennessee and Oklahoma at 8.

Newt is expected to win Georgia easily.  The key for Newt is how he does in TN and OK.

The key of the night for Romney and Santorum will be OH.  Santorum has to win a primary in a big state with everyone participating, something he has not done yet.  Romney has to win the key battleground state.

Here are the Final Super Tuesday Polls.