It was a very busy month here.

Traffic was up, with almost the highest number of visits I’ve ever had in a month (560k) and the highest page views ever (848k).

I haven’t counted comments by month, but at some point during January we went from the usual 10-20 comments per post to 50-100 (and sometimes more) per post.  So that means people are engaged. Mostly the dialogue has been civil. I hope readers will keep it that way, as one of my concerns is that the comment section here not turn into the trash-talking endless-circling that takes place elsewhere.

The Tip Line has proven to be very valuable to me. So thanks for the tips.

Significantly, we were able to push back on some issues and change the national dialogue a tiny bit.

Now you have heard of Mia B. Love, as have hundreds of thousands of people around the country.  The video posted here before any other blog now has over 56,000 views.

The Nancy Reagan video which ended up being discussed at the debates and on the national talk shows in defense of the smears against Newt also started here.

We also brought Allen West’s redistricting problems to national attention before anyone else.  Fortunately, those problems appear to have been resolved.

I was one of the only people who consistently spoke out against the attempt to silence criticism of Bain by claiming that an attack on Bain’s business model was an attack on capitalism.  Although Bain now is off the table in the primaries, I will be proven right on this.

Standing against the outrageous conduct of Drudge, some other elements in the conservative media, and the Romney negative ad machine, has been at times an exercise in futility.  We’re barely a blip on the radar, but it beats not being a blip at all.

Anyone who thinks this effort is about Newt is wrong.  Fundamentally and profoundly wrong.

I’m glad there is a period of relative quiet so that bloggers can catch their collective breaths, even if the candidates march on.  I don’t know how candidates do it, I really don’t.

Thanks for reading.


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