Obama has a Jewish problem because of his administration’s Israel policy.  I don’t think the Jewish problem is a great as some recent polling suggests, but there does seem to be movement.

From the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Israeli forces in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, to the unrelenting Iranian arming of Hamas and Hezbollah, to the near isolation of Israel at the U.N. (where the U.S. barely could bring itself to veto an anti-Israeli resolution), to undermining Israel’s position on borders, Israel has not been as isolated and threatened in at least a generation.

In response, Obama’s campaign has released a web video (forwarded to me by a reader who saw someone link to it on Facebook) featuring Israeli leaders saying nice things about Obama.

How convenient. Israeli leaders, of course, are very hesitant to say anything negative for fear of being accused of interfering in American politics.

And whenever an Israeli leader’s criticism of Obama is used by supporters of Israel, there are howls of how un-American it is to take sides against “my President,” and claims of being Israel-Firsters and pledging allegiance to Israel.

Here’s the web ad:

Here’s a news clip they left out:

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Here’s a more accurate assessment:

Update:  Thanks to a reader who forwards this link to a post by Joel Pollak pointing out that the video uses old footage (such as Obama’s trip to Israel before he was President — he hasn’t visited Israel since the election) as well as unrelated footage which misleadingly makes it sound as if they seek the reelection of Obama.


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