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Time Magazine ‘Person of the Year’ Tweet of the Day

Time Magazine ‘Person of the Year’ Tweet of the Day

Time Magazine named “The Protester” as Person of the Year, which in the United States was represented by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Which generated this Tweet of the Day:


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Watch were you step around Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” POTY having trouble with potty training.

Charles Curran | December 16, 2011 at 1:32 pm

Someone should make a poster of that ‘Person of the Year’ crapping on that NYPD car, and send it to the editor of Time for his/her wall.

He marches to the beat of a different, unwashed drummer.

LukeHandCool (who was offered some coffee by Time’s Person of the Year the first time Luke strolled into Occupy LA … and who politely declined the offer of hepatitis).

Has anyone noticed that many of the Occupiers wear covering over their face so they can’t be identified? Islamic terrorists do the same thing. But, no one in the Tea Party finds a need to conceal their face. Becasue of this fact, I assume that Tea Party members can not be Time’s Person of the Year, only those who are ashamed of their beliefs can apply.

Chillax my hizzle; POTy just keepin it real!! 😉

I saw two “persons of the year” at the emergency room last night. In the hallway, on cots, stinking up the place and demanding immediate attention and drugs.

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