Why the Palestinians thought that a diplomatic confrontation with the U.S. was the way to go is inexplicable.  Once again, they overplayed their hand.

Did they really buy into Obama’s rhetoric from 2009 in Cairo, or earlier this year about the Arab Spring?  In part, a big maybe, but I don’t think that explains it all.

I think the Palestinians live in a bubble of international yes-men and women, people in international NGOs and organizations who keep telling them that isolating and ostracizing Israel is the way to go.

And perhaps they read columns by Glenn Greenwald and M.J. Rosenberg and others who complain about the “Israel lobby” and use term like “Israel Firsters” and mistakenly think they represent the American people.

And they go to conferences where people use the Palestinian cause for other purposes, with very effective lip service.

At every stage on the international scene, there is a bubble of anti-Israeli venom and propaganda which creates a lack of reality, a lack of willingness to compromise.  To put it bluntly, they start believing their own anti-Israeli BS.

There is only one thing which will bring peace and a real Palestinian state:  The acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state within militarily defensible borders.

And that is the one thing the Palestinians as of yet are unwilling to give.

Expect violence.

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