One of the greatest mistakes we make is to confuse academic credentials with leadership.

Barack Obama, who guards his transcripts like they’re the equivalent of the formula to Coke, presumably had very good grades at Harvard Law School because he graduated with high honors, a purely grade-based achievement.  Obama’s college grades are more of a mystery.  Obama’s transcripts are strictly off limits to the media, however, which never questions why Obama has not released the type of information released by both George W. Bush and John Kerry when they ran for president.

Not so with Rick Perry.  His grades are of great importance, apparently.  Someone at Texas A&M leaked Perry’s college transcripts to Huffington Post, which ran an article which highlighted the less than impressive results in the headline:  Rick Perry’s College Transcript: A Lot of Cs and Ds.  This smells like payback for Perry’s efforts to reform the state higher education system, about which I posted yesterday.

Not an impressive collection of grades, but Perry has put together an impressive collection of economic and job growth in Texas while the rest of the nation has suffered under Obama.

Democrats can keep Obama’s academic credentials, we’ll take the  jobs and economic growth.


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