Other than the possible fisticuffs and chokeholds at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Wisconsin politics has faded from the national headlines.

But Wisconsin isn’t over folks.  Democrats challenging Republicans in recall elections are doing better at fundraising, and Nancy Pelosi is headlining a fundraiser as well.

One of the primary agitators and sources of much of the nastiness, a grouped called We Are Wisconsin, hired Harry Reid’s campaign spokesman to lead its “communications” operation.  The group has raised several million dollars from outside sources.

The first recall election is July 12, but most are on July 19.  [see correction below] If anyone has local intel on how things are going, or links to where people can donate to Republicans, please post in the comments.

Correction:  Sorry to mess up the recall dates, but it’s confusing.  The July 12 and 19 dates are primaries, and the general elections are August 9 (against the Republican incumbents) and August 16 (against the Democratic incumbents).  So the critical date is August 9.

Here is the schedule of primaries and actual recall elections:

July 12 Democratic primaries
• Dist. 8 (incumbent Sen. Alberta Darling): Gladys Huber vs. Sandra Pasch
• Dist. 10 (incumbent Sen. Sheila Harsdorf): Shelly Moore vs. Isaac Weix
• Dist. 14 (incumbent Sen. Luther Olsen): Rol Church vs. Fred Clark
• Dist. 18 (incumbent Sen. Randy Hopper): Jessica King vs. John Buckstaff
• Dist. 32 (incumbent Sen. Dan Kapanke): James Smith vs. Jennifer Shilling
Winners will face incumbent Republicans on Aug. 9

July 19 Republican primaries
• Dist. 12 (incumbent Sen. Jim Holperin): Robert Lussow vs. Kim Simac
• Dist. 22 (incumbent Sen. Robert Wirch): Fred Ekornaas vs. Jonathan Steitz
Winners will face incumbent Democrats on Aug. 16

UPDATE:  Thanks to a commenter for a link to this Tweet and the place to go to donate, www.FrontlineWisconsin.com.

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