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Contest: Guess Which One Is Ahmadinejad’s Wife

Contest: Guess Which One Is Ahmadinejad’s Wife

Mahmood Ahmadinejad completed his trip to Lebanon.  While almost everyone had anticipated he would be more provocative than usual, Ahmadinejad was merely as provocative as usual.  Ahmadinejad attended a rally about three miles from the Israeli border, but did not approach the border fence as many had anticipated.

At an official state dinner, a photographer snapped a rare photo of Ahmadinejad’s wife, seated with the wife of the President of Lebanon, Wafaa Suleiman, and the wife of the Speaker of Parliament of Lebanon, Randa Berri.  You’ll never guess which one is Mrs. Ahmadinejad (via HuffPo):

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The one wearing the black tent really should have one of those screens over her face.

Ah, I thought this was a trick question. Should have gone with the obvious.

Well-played Professor.

The one with the bow tie?

The one on the left.

The goat in the trailer.

Not fair. The gal in the bow tie gives the answer away with her eyes.

Either that or she's cluing the sniper…


What is the server looking at?

No, wait, the one in the Hefty Bag Halloween costume.

And a fine looking ragpile she is too!

No wonder he is so miserable.

I'm going to guess the woman in the bow tie, but what's with the seal sitting at the table?

The thing is, you're looking at the only change agents in all the identity groups in conflict. Wish they'd hurry.

I thought a muslim fundamentalist's soul would be stolen if they are photographed?

Or is that some other group of savages I'm talking about?

I got it wrong, I thought it was a trick question…I picked the one without the headgear.

I'd say she's hot, but she would get stoned for having a secret affair with me.

Wow, laundry with eyes!!

Reminded me of an old post at the Munchkin Wrangler — here.

Sad. Sad and angry-making. That ain't no way to treat a lady…

Notice that the burkha is gathered high sp as to cover facial hair, and perhaps an Adam's Apple.

Lisa: she's wondering where she can get a ninja suit like that.

If you actually have the stomach to click on the article in HuffPo, and read the comments, you will see why Leftists are clinically insane. Every single one of the comments makes excuses for a religion that forces women to wear an abaya. Most, insanely, write that she is wearing the abaya at her pleasure! There is not a single comment on what it means that a woman is forced to wear one specific piece of clothing in Iran to go out in public while the males are allowed to wear pretty much anything, or any concern at all of the implications that a woman must hide her identity according to islam so that they don't entice the males to sin. Several also comment that it is to western women's lament that they are allowed to chose what they wear! Lefties really do want a government that controls everything, don't they. An abaya is okay with them.
Either those Leftards don't understand what an abaya means in islam, or they are too afraid to even make a peep against something that they would visibly and vocally argue against if it were being forced on women by Christians or Jews. My guess is a bit of both.

yeah, she's free alright. There's a keeper lurking behind the lady on the right to make sure she's on the straight and narrow.

the guy with the bow tie on …

the one with the biggest


I've always wondered what it says about a group of men that demands women must cloak themselves so that the men are not tempted by them.
Zero self control perhaps?

At least they don't have to live under Republicans, who are mysogynists and would take away the right to vote from women if they could. Hardly any women support Republicans in American, yet politicians in Islamic Republics easily win 75-80% of the vote.

slybri957 might be a loon.

I think Slybri957 is not of this world.