After the sophomoric “F*ck Tea” campaign started by a prominent progressive organizer hit the internet this week, I wondered, what ever happened to the Coffee Party.

Apparently, not much.

The Coffee Party has grown cold, as this August 4, 2010, post on the Coffee Party national website laments, Reversing the Coffee Party’s decline:

Having visited Coffee Party chapters in two states, and having heard from other city and state organizers, I definitely know we’re in decline. Chapters have folded, events are less well-attended, and morale is at a low.

I always suspected that many of the mostly middle-aged male attendees at Coffee Party events were simply trying to meet women. And the women attendees had no clue because they actually believed in the amorphous cause.

The Coffee Party is planning a national convention in Louisville in September. Likely to be the Coffee Party’s first and last hurrah, so guys, get in on it while it lasts.

Update 8-15-2010: The Coffee Party has removed the post from its website, after a link here from Instapundit must have caught their attention. But, I already captured the post and will be running it in full, along with an explanation of the Coffee Party’s attempt to hide its failure, on 8-16-2010. Check back.

Update 8-15-2010: New post is up, Post About Coffee Party Decline Removed From Its Website

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