The government of Israel is upset that the operation to intercept the Turkish-backed flotilla ended up with the loss of several lives.

Lack of proper operational planning, the almost ridiculous initial use of too little force (paint balls) and the failure to clear the decks of the ship prior to landing allowed the agitators on the ship to create a situation in which deadly force became necessary. The Israelis would have much preferred a clean operation in which the boat was diverted without loss of life.

Had the roles been reversed, the reaction to several dead Israelis would have been very different. There would have been shouts of joy from the leadership of Hamas and other Islamist groups, and candy thrown in the air in the Arab and Iranian street over the killing of Jews. There would have been no Security Council resolution, and no demands from European countries or Turkey for an international investigation.

It is a difference which the Useful Idiots don’t seem to understand.

Or maybe they do understand.

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