More hmmm …

Via Times of Israel, Ya’alon: Israel’s ‘unique’ situation made ‘Prisoner X’ incarceration necessary:

The incarceration of “Prisoner X”, the high-security prisoner who committed suicide in Ayalon Prison in 2010, was made necessary by Israel’s “unique” security situation, Vice Premier and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Saturday.

Speaking to Channel 2, Ya’alon said that owing to Israel’s “unique” security situation, “extreme measures” such as the conditions under which Ben Zygier was incarcerated were not only necessary, but even constituted pikuach nefesh — the Jewish imperative to save lives, even if religious laws are broken in the process…

“We have to assume that if we reached such a state, it means there was a slip here that required that steps be taken by the organization under discussion…under full supervision, and after many considerations,” said Ya’alon.

Ya’alon is former Chief of Staff of the IDF.